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The Global Talk archive is posted in PDF files. The archive description explains the publishing formats since 2000 and the location of feature articles. Several features in the blog issues briefly summarize articles on other sites. The archive includes the following years:

If you need help finding a specific article or topic, contact the editor, Ann L. Wiley. Reprinting and re-posting of material by other organizations within STC are welcome. Links to material on this site and Global Talk are invited. Please credit the ITC SIG of STC.

The following lists the feature articles in each issue of the Global Talk newsletter.

April 2013
Handling Idiomatic Expressions in Chinese Translation by Francis Bao

March 2013
International Approach to Labeling Chemicals (report of summary by Kathy Moore, Scientific Communication SIG) by Ann L. Wiley

May 2010
Fonts Evoke Emotions, According to Study (abstract with link to study) by Traci Nathans-Kelly

April 2010
Translation in China as a Form of Technical Communication: Rethinking Social Roles of Technical Communication in the Current Political and Economic Contexts in China (summary with link to full text) by Traci Nathans-Kelly

Publishing Stories Internationally (summary and link to website) by Ann L. Wiley

Book Publishing in China (summary and links to articles) by Ann L. Wiley

March 2010
Adventures in Translation Management (summary and link to GALA articles) by Ann L. Wiley

Tips from Google on Multilingual Sites (summary and link to Google blog post) by Ann L. Wiley

International Variations in Address Form Fields (summary and link to UXmatters blog post) by Ann L. Wiley

Usability Guidelines for International Web Users (summary and link to Nielson-Norman group blog post) by Ann L. Wiley

Internationalization and Search Engine Optimization (summary and reference to TC World article) by Ann L. Wiley

Quality Forum Held in China (summary and link to ASQ website) by Ann L. Wiley

Unicode Essentials, Translated Articles (summary and link to a programmer’s website) by Ann L. Wiley

October 2009
Social Media is Global (summary and link to blog post) by Ann L. Wiley

March 2009
Surveying the World by Carolyn Luttrell

January 2009
Translating Converging Content (summary with link to article by Rahel Bailie) by Ann L. Wiley

December 2008
ITC SIG web team notes by Ann L. Wiley

January, 2008
Using Comics in Technical Documentation by Rajdeep Gupta

July 2007
e-Globalization by Sharmila M. Govindarajan

May 2007
Quality of Translations by Francoise Spurling

September, 2006
Contracts in Other Lands by Becky Lash (United States)

Tips on Writing for Translation by Michael Whitman

Universal or Neutral Spanish summarized from mail list by Susan Ng

August 2006
Simplified Technical English and Plain Language ITC SIG summarized from mail list

Latin abbreviations in technical documentation? ITC SIG summarized from mail list

Use of the word ‘the’ by Dhanya Menon

Feature articles published in 2005 have been merged into the Translation Reader, Localization Reader, and Cross Cultural Communication Reader.

This issue has news of technical communication and STC worldwide. There are no features.

This issue has news of technical communication and STC worldwide. There are no features.

Winter (Northern Hemisphere) 2002
This issue has a complete list and description of the STC chapters outside the United States, assembled by the editor, Ann L. Wiley. The following features are also included:

The technical communication field in Australia and New Zealand (02-Aus_Nz_tc.pdf) by Kay Maitra

Christine Borgman on online communication and change in Central and Eastern Europe (02-Eeur.pdf) by Kirk St. Amant

Technical communication in Ukraine (01-ukr.pdf) by Kirk St. Amant

Israel Chapter against Repetitive Stress Injury (02-aworld_IsraelRSI.pdf) by Mark L. Levinson

Volume 3 Numbers 2-3 Summer-Fall 2002 (last printed issue)
Communicating across cultures on the job by Carolyn Luttrell

Volume 3 Number 1 Spring 2002
A Master Class: the STC Annual Conference by Carolyn Luttrell

Volume 2 Number 4 Winter 2001
Music and international technical communication by Carolyn Luttrell

Volume 2 Number 3 Fall 2001
Developing websites that can be localized by Charlene Nagy

Volume 2 Number 2 Summer 2001
What is Unicode? by Ann L. Wiley

Volume 2 Number 1 Spring 2001
Online identity by Kirk St. Amant
Machine translation primer by Carolyn Luttrell

Volume 1 Number 4 Winter 2000
Commentary on speech sounds and learning languages by Gerry Dempsey

Volume 1 Number 3 Fall 2000
Learning about culture by Carol (Carolyn) Luttrell

Volume 1 Number 2 Summer 2000
This issue focused on the membership and International Technical Communication SIG activities.

New series Volume 1 Number 1 Spring 2000
This issue focused on reactivation of the International Technical Communication SIG.

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