Articles in the Localization Reader

The Localization Reader is posted as a zip file of PDF documents. A list of the articles is included in the zip file. The articles in the Localization Reader are also listed on this page:

Overview of Localization by the ITC SIG of STC

The May/June 2002 issue of Devil Mountain Views, online newsletter of the East Bay Chapter STC, has articles on localization and working across cultures. (link updated 2015)

Bug Reporting in Localization Projects by Edward Watts

Creating Documentation for an International Audience by Gary Michael Smith, March 2003

Designing for a Non-English Audience by Felicia Bratu, WTB Language Group Inc., August 2005

Developing Websites that Can be Localized by Charlene Nagy, July 2001

Effective Update Management in the Localization Process by Tom Shapiro, May 2003

Is Localization of a Product Essential to Ensure Usability and Customer Satisfaction? by David Dick, Editor, Usability Interface. Includes a list of recent (in 2005) articles concerning localization in Technical Communication.

Internationalization and Localization of Websites by Ann L. Wiley. Global Talk Blog Archive, February 27, 2010

Localization—the Business Value. Current trends column, Sita Bhatt, editor. Indus newsletter of the India Chapter of STC, January/February 2005. (link updated 2015)

Managing Localization Projects: Think Like a Writer to Save Time and Improve Quality by Deb Kramasz, Prisma International, April 2005

Managing Multiple Language Documents, summarized from the ITC SIG list, October 2005

Questions to Consider in Designing International Websites by Kirk St. Amant, October 2001

Working with International Partners in Localization Projects by Carlos Evia

XML and Localization (PDF of slides) by Scott Bass, posted by permission May 2003