Articles in the Translation Reader

The Translation Reader is posted as a zip file of PDF documents. A list of the articles is included in the zip file. The articles in the Translation Reader are also listed on this page:

Benchmarking translation agencies by Jill Finan, October 2001.

CE Marking, Translations, and the IVD Directive (IVDD 98/79/EC) by John Balchunas, February 2003.

Choosing a translation agency by Charlene Nagy, June 2001.

Client language review: the good, the bad, and the ugly by Jackie Smith, June 2001.

“Editing Translated HTML Files,” by Becky Johnston in Intercom, November 2004, available on the STC website for members only, added July 2005.

Evaluation of an XML-based Content Management System in the translation process by Peter Argondizzo, May 2005.

Evaluation of machine translation, summarized by Ann L. Wiley, July 2001.

How to “proof” a translation by Roger Ribert, February 2005.

How to save money on translation by editing the source text by Jackie Smith, June 2001.

Labeling and translation requirements in different countries, summarized from the ITC SIG list with additional research, December 2005.

Machine Translation for the Technical Communicator, by Sandra Bologna, Translation Project Manager, WTB Language Group, Windsor, Ontario. Reprinted from the June 2005 newsletter of the Alberta Chapter STC, in Connection, newsletter of the Silicon Valley Chapter STC, Part 1, August, 2005. Part 2, September 2005. Part 3, October 2005, added 2005. 2015.

Machine translation primer by Carolyn Luttrell in Global Talk Volume 2 Number 1 Spring (first quarter) 2001.

Managing product translation by Patricia Carmel, March 2003.

Reducing translation costs by John Brewer, December, 2005.

Taming the translation alligator or how to facilitate translation without getting eaten alive by Elizabeth C. McDowell, June 2001.

Ten things to remember when translating documents by Jackie Smith, June 2001.

Translation management: in-house or outsourced by Michael Whitman, January 2002.

The translation memory advantage by Jackie Smith, June 2001.

What type of translation agency staff is right for you? by Charlene Nagy, June 2001.

Where writing and translation meet by Deb Kramasz, March 2003.