Kit Brown-Hoekstra, ITC past manager, to lead online seminar series on Content Dev and Localization

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Global-Ready Content
Instructor: Katherine (Kit) Brown-Hoekstra

Kit Brown-Hoekstra

Kit Brown-Hoekstra - Localization World

The Localization Institute is offering 7 new technical writing online seminars, including a free introductory session. Learn how you can improve your content’s global readiness while reducing localization costs.

The Localization Institute is dedicated to bringing the same quality of information and instruction to our Online Training as we do with our onsite seminars and roundtables. You can find a current schedule of all training offered at our website:

Online registration is now open for all sessions. Space is limited. Please feel free to contact Kris Wiegand at (608) 826-5001 or with any questions or concerns.

The Localization Institute, Inc.
7601 Ganser Way, Madison, WI 53719 USA
Tel. (608)826-5001 Fax (608)826-5004

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GALA Surveys about quoting costs for localization

December 13th, 2011 Comments off

Globalization and Localization AssociationIn an effort to assist the GALA Standards Initiative with the Model Service Elements project, the ITC SIG posts this announcement/request for survey participation. The project aims to define standard service descriptions for the localization industry. We believe that this effort will help promote transparency and best practice for the industry and lead to better quality and satisfaction rates.

We have three easy ways you can help this project move along:
Survey. Take a short survey on how you obtain or provide quotes for localization services. This survey will help us identify what information language service providers ask for to provide bids and what information buyers of services typically include in RFPs.
To take this survey, follow one of these two links:
For Translation Service Providers:
For Buyers of Translation Services:

Localization process documentation. If you have any sort of documentation of your localization processes that you can share with us (either online or in an off-line document), please send me a mail with information on how to obtain it. This information can be kept confidential if required and will help us determine how the variety of process models relate to one another.

Guidelines for localization services. If you have prepared any guidelines for buyers of localization services or educational materials you use internally for educating staff about localization issues that you can share, we would like to see how companies present this information to their prospective clients or internal stakeholders. If you can share anything of these sorts of materials, please respond and let me know what you can share.

If you can assist us with any (or all) of these requests, it will help us prepare first drafts of the model service elements. Note that we will credit all contributors (except those who wish to remain anonymous) in the Model Service Elements results (to be delivered in Q1 2012).

If you would like to get more closely involved with this project, we encourage you to visit and sign up for the group. Instructions on how to join the group appear at the end of this message.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about this project or the GALA Standards Initiative.

Best regards,

Arle Lommel
GALA Standards Coordinator

It’s a lot like Monaco!

October 22nd, 2011 Comments off

MonacoGALA is preparing for its conference in Monaco next year. See information and the call for papers here:

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STC Webinar: Writing for Localization, Sept 22

September 12th, 2011 Comments off

Decisions made during content development impact the quality and consistency of the translated versions of the content. In this certificate course, you will learn the difference between Translation, Localization, and Internationalization; learn best practices with writing methods and content management; and learn about the tools of the translation industry. Through best practices, tools, and building a dynamic knowledge base, participants will learn how to make their companies’ localization process more efficient and achieve consistently higher quality translations.

More information and registration

Instructor: Lisa Pietrangeli is a managing partner and director of client solutions at ThirtySix Software. At ThirtySix, Lisa specializes in working with clients to develop customized content development strategies. Lisa brings over 11 years of experience to ThirtySix Software, having worked extensively with companies around the world, helping them to streamline their content development and localization processes.

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Free SDL workshop on Passolo!

September 9th, 2011 Comments off

SDL is doing a 3-hour free Webinar on its software localisation tool, Passolo. The six half-hour topics covered over the three hour Webinar are:

– How to become globally agile

– Customer case study

– The SDL Passolo collaboration edition: enabling continuous localisation

– Sim ship or sinking ship?

– Passolo within the SDL solutions portfolio

– SDL Passolo – tips & tricks

The Webinar is from 10:00am to 1:00pm EDT (16:00 to 19:00 CET) on 22 September.

For more information and to register, go to:

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Tons of new STC certificate courses!

August 24th, 2011 Comments off

See all the possibilities for your own professional development via STC. Most classes are discounted for STC members!

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Call for papers, communication in food/drug/water

June 9th, 2011 Comments off

Please consider this call for proposals by the IEEE! The emphasis is on communication in the fields of food/drug/water. Pass this notice along to anyone who may be interested.

Wright_Call for Contributors_final

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GALA Standards Initiative

June 7th, 2011 Comments off

The GALA standards initiative promotes the effective use of standards for international and multilingual content, builds awareness of best practices for their implementation, and enables the localization community to make open standards work.

Download a copy of the full standards initiative plan (version 1.2, published 02 June).

Localization World, Barcelona!

May 27th, 2011 Comments off

Go to Barcelona! Learn about localization!

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STC’s Globalization Audit Report now available

May 26th, 2011 Comments off

Please review the extensive STC_GATF_report by STC’s Globalization Audit Committee.

From the Executive Summary:
“As one of the largest international associations for technical communicators, STC has a unique opportunity to lead the way toward a more globally aware and culturally considerate workforce. In the past several years, STC has come a long way in this regard, and having a global approach is one of the behaviors we highlight in our strategic plan. However, we have never formally assessed how we are doing in regard to globalization, but rather have reacted to issues as they have arisen. The results of this audit will help us prioritize and become more proactive in our approach to globalization, particularly as it relates to member communication.”

ITC Activities at the STC Summit 2011 in Sacramento, CA, USA

May 9th, 2011 Comments off

ITC’s manager, Traci Nathans-Kelly, will be on hand May 15 and 16 at the STC Summit.

Two ITC-specific events are scheduled:

Monday, May 16, 11:30-12:30, Sacramento Convention Center, room 202. ITC SIG Lunch. This is a by-response only event. We have room for 12 attendees. If you care to join for lunch, please email Traci Nathans-Kelly, ITC SIG Manager, at for confirmation. We would love to see you there!

Monday May 16, 6:30pm-9pm, Sheraton Grand Ballroom
Community Reception: Come see the ITC Manager, Traci Nathans-Kelly

For a handy run-down of sessions that may interest ITC members, see the attached PDF.

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Visualization tool

April 21st, 2011 Comments off

IBM has a new interesting project that is about the visualization of data sets. See what you think.

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Announcing the New Leadership Team Members of the International Technical Communication SIG

April 16th, 2011 Comments off

As the head of the International Technical Communication’s SIG Nominations committee, I’m announcing the leadership council elections for the year 2011.

The leadership team will assume charge during the STC Summit 2011 at Sacramenta, California. For more information on the summit, refer

We had announced elections for the following four leadership positions:

  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

We received only one nomination for each position and they are elected unanimously.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce all the elected members:

  • Manager: Traci Nathans- Kelly
  • Assistant Manager: Swaminathan Moorthy
  • Secretary: Gina Wadley
  • Treasurer: Carol Luttrell

Profiles of all elected members are as follows:

Traci Nathans-Kelly currently works in the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison teaching undergraduate and graduate technical communication. Her graduate students are part of the Masters of Engineering Professional Practice degree, and all of them are at least five years into their working career.  She also is the editor for the IEEE/Wiley series of books entitled Engineering Professional Communication and is authoring a book for that series entitled Slide Rules: Design, Build, and Archive Presentations in Engineering and Technical Fields.  She is happy to be continuing her work as a SIG manager for ITC.

Swaminathan Moorthy currently works as a Principal Technical Writer in India. He has been associated with STC India Chapter for more than 6 years now in various capacities. For the year 2011, Swami handles the responsibility of Secretary and Membership Manager for STC India Chapter. Most recently, Swami was also the Secretary of ITC SIG and managed ITC portal with Ann Wiley.

Gina Wadley is a technical writer/localization coordinator for Numara Software, Inc. in Tampa, Florida. She has been a technical writer for the past 10 years, writing user documentation such as online help, user guides, and release notes, as well as creating screencasts for software tutorials. In the past year she has been piloting using wikis for user documentation, and gave presentations at her local STC chapter as well as the STC Summit 2010 in Dallas entitled “Engaging Users in our Wiki Docs Content Strategy”.  She won the Numara Software Zuse Award for Innovation of the Quarter in December, 2010 for her work on the Confluence wiki documentation.  She is working with localization service providers on issues in translating wikis and continues to work towards launching the wiki in the near future.  She also coordinates application strings/user documentation localization/translations for Numara Software’s software applications.  Prior to working in technical communications, Gina previously was the corporate computer training coordinator and trainer at Central Florida Community College.  She also taught high school and junior high French and Art (she’s a certified French K-12 teacher).  Additionally, she worked as a research manager/corporate librarian at a multinational investment company where she mentored interns studying communications and international business. She has two B.A.s (French and Education) and an M.Ed. (Instructional Design/Web-based Training) from the University of South Florida.  A native of Tampa, Florida, she has lived and worked in Montreal and Hong Kong.  She will be married on March 18, 2011 in Paris, France, and resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Gina maintains a personal blog at  She has been an STC member since 2008 and belongs to the Suncoast Chapter in Tampa Bay area (Florida).  She is an active participant on the ITC email discussion list and hopes to take on a more active role in the ITC.

Carolyn Luttrell is one of the founders of ITC.  For STC, she is an Associate Fellow  and a senior member of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter. She is a Document Management Specialist with DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware.

Carolyn has been in the technical communications and training fields for nearly 30 years. She holds a BA from Widener University an MA from Villanova University, both in English Literature, and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Policy at the University of Delaware. She is treasurer of the International SIG and co-manager of the Environmental, Safety and Health SIG.

For contact details, do visit

Let me take the opportunity to introduce the nominations committee. Nominations committee was made up of myself and Rajdeep Gupta from India. Rajdeep Gupta is the President and Sponsorship Manager for the STC India Chapter 2011. Professionally, he is the Business Development Manager for Author-it Corporation for South Asia and enjoys quizzing and usability of web application.

For further queries, please mail me offline.

Thanks and Regards,
Swaminathan Moorthy
On behalf of the Nominations Committee, ITC SIG Elections

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LISA dissolves

March 1st, 2011 Comments off

From the LISA homepage:
“As of 2011 February 28, the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) is insolvent. In spite of the financial constraints LISA faces as an organization, we are exploring ways to continue the association’s good works for the industry.” More at

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Call for Nominations for ITC SIG Elections

February 6th, 2011 Comments off

As the head of the International Technical Communication’s SIG Nominations committee, I’m announcing the leadership council elections for the year 2011. ITC’s bylaws ask for elections every two years.

There are four leadership positions to which the members of the group are elected:

  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

If you, or somebody you know would like to run for any ITC elected position, we would encourage you to participate!  Below, please find a description of the procedure as well as a description for each of the posts up for election.  As of this writing, we have volunteers to fill each of the positions; nevertheless, we are always interested in having more people involved in ITC.

To nominate yourself or another ITC member, use this procedure:

  1. Send an email to Swaminathan Moorthy ( with the subject line: “Nominations for ITC Leadership Team 2011 Elections”.
  2. Mention the name of the persons you wish to nominate for different leadership council posts, in the mail.
  3. Include for each person nominated a brief biography of the candidate, the candidate’s management experience, and the candidate’s prior contributions to the ITC SIG and/or STC.
  4. Provide your full name at the end of the email.
  5. The email with your nominations should be sent by March 20, 2011 at midnight, Central Time.


The roles and responsibilities of these Admin Council members, per our by-laws, are as follows.


  • Presides at meetings of the council and meetings of the International Technical Communication SIG;
  • Corresponds with the Society’s officers and directors as speaker for the council and the International Technical Communication SIG;
  • Appoints managers of the committees, subject to council approval; assigns special duties relating to those committees;
  • Appoints the Newsletter Editor;
  • As the International Technical Communication SIG’s executive officer, represents the council and the International Technical Communication SIG in the International Technical Communication SIG’s business with other organizations and individuals; and
  • Assigns duties and responsibilities to other officers with the approval of the council.

Assistant Manager:

  • In the absence of the Manager, presides at meetings of the council and meetings of the International Technical Communication SIG;
  • Works with membership manager to build membership and to coordinate volunteer activities
  • Attends meetings of the council; and
  • Undertakes other duties as directed by the Manager.


  • Tracks meeting minutes
  • Updates SIG brochure
  • Works with Webmaster and Newsletter Editor to ensure timely reporting of SIG events and news
  • By May, reports the results of the International Technical Communication SIG’s bi-annual election to the Executive Director of the Society and the editors of Intercom and Tieline; and
  • Undertakes other duties as directed by the Manager.


  • Receives, keeps, and disburses the International Technical Communication SIG’s funds and other negotiable assets;
  • Keeps current records of the receipt, status, and disbursement of International Technical Communication SIG funds;
  • Prepares for the council a quarterly financial report, including a balance sheet, income statement, and bank account(s) status;
  • Prepares and submits to the Society Treasurer an annual financial report for the International Technical Communication SIG as required by the Society. The Treasurer holding office during the report period prepares and submits the report;
  • Complies with Internal Revenue Service requirements concerning annual information reports;
  • Attends meetings of the council; and
  • Undertakes other duties as directed by the Manager.


You can nominate an ITC Special Interest Group member to any of the offices, and you should obtain the nominee’s consent before you nominate him or her. Of course, you can nominate yourself for any of these positions. Members who have been nominated should be a member of the SIG on the date of nomination.


SIG members will receive an email with the URL. This URL can be used only once and cannot be duplicated.


The list of nominees/candidates for each office will be announced via the ITC listserv and our newsletter, Global Talk ( on February 20, 2011.

Nominations can be withdrawn until February 28, 2011.

Online voting for candidates will take place March 15-30, 2011.

Officers will be announced by April 04, 2011.


If you have any questions about the elections, please feel free to contact me at


Swaminathan Moorthy
Head of Nominations Committee, International Technical Communication SIG

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